Unfortunately, when taxpayers wonder “Can the IRS really do that?” the answer is often yes. The IRS faces very few limitations when it comes to collection abilities. However, with Packey Law Corporation working for you against the IRS, can forestall and/or discontinue many collection efforts. Packey Law Corporation can advise you of your rights.  It is critical for people to understand their rights against tax entities including the IRS. Often times, people are intimidated and even fearful of the IRS. The short answer to this dilemma is, don’t be.

The IRS can engage in any or all of the following collection efforts to collect your back taxes owed.

  • Garnishing wages. The IRS may be able to garnish your wages. This includes Social Security income.
  • Attaching levies. The IRS can levy your bank account to collect. They may freeze the bank account so that you cannot have access to the funds and then withdraw the money, often in its entirety.
  • Filing liens on property. The IRS commonly files liens on real estate for taxes. This includes your home, business, and any other real property you may own. It can also include your vehicles as well.
  • Seizing assets. The IRS can also sometimes take assets outright. Although this collection tactic is rare, it does occasionally occur.

Although the IRS has extensive collection abilities, taxpayers still have rights. Packey Law Corporation can help ease the dilemma of intimidation and fear that you may feel of the IRS. We make it easier on you by taking over any communications between you and the IRS or other tax entity and we deal directly with the tax entity so you do not have to.